Things to Do in Flights while Flying Alone

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Flying on long international routes often turn out to be pretty boring when travelling alone. It may take almost a day to travel from one corner of the world to the other. These long journeys often pass in a blink when accompanied by family or friends. However, long flights can become even longer when travelling alone. There are a number of people who dread about the fact that they would have to take the flight alone. On most occasions it has been noted that people check out the entertainment facilities provided in-flight when they book flight tickets. Here are a number of options that can be tried out while alone on a flight to kill time.

Audio-Video On-Demand

Most airlines around the globe have entertainment facilities for its passengers. This facility includes Audio-Video On-Demand services where a LCD screen is installed on the rear side of the seats in front of passengers. Headphones are provided individually to each traveller. People can watch movies, documentaries or promotional programs as according to the choice of airlines concerned. Often, this entertainment facility is good enough to spend the time in flights. The travel portals on the internet have a detailed information about such services. Even if the airline sports cheap air fare, these facilities are provided on long-haul journeys.

Cabin Monitor

Some aircraft, which do not have a personal monitor for each passenger have a large LCD in front of the cabin for display of movies, TV shows or any documentary programs. Mostly, short duration aircraft of 4-5 hours offer this system of entertainment. Still others, which do not provide video facilities have personal audio equipment for its customers on-board. Songs from a varied collection, comedy shows and other entertaining programs are played in these system.

Wi-Fi Services

With internet becoming a must-have 24x7 with modernisation, some airlines provide Wi-Fi facilities. These can be chargeable in some airline or free of additional charges in some aircraft. Passengers can use their PDAs, laptops or mobile to access web services in such aircraft. However, these services have not reached to all airlines around the world. Also, in some airlines, only the Business Class is entitled to this service. It is advised to take a note of the availability of this service on the online ticket booking portals at the time of booking.

Magazine-The Eternal Friend

Travel magazines have formed a part of cabin entertainment for travellers almost since the commencement of commercial airlines. Almost all airlines around the globe offer magazines on a plethora of topics ranging from travel, sports, entertainment to name a few. For avid readers, these magazines can be the best companions on a long journey.

Catch on a Short Nap

Travelling by flights can sometimes be a issue for first-timers. However, for those who spend half of their lives flying from one place to another, this is the time to catch on with some much-needed rest. People, who lead an ultra-busy lifestyle often miss out on rest. For these people, it is recommended to shut out the outer world, while travelling and have a nap. This can be the refreshing and a break from the monotonous day-to-day lifestyle.

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Things to Do in Flights while Flying Alone

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Things to Do in Flights while Flying Alone

This article was published on 2013/10/30