Some Overlooked Techniques for Getting Lowest Airfare

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Generally, while looking for cheap air fare, people focus on the most common techniques used for this purpose. These largely include having flexible dates, looking for packages and discounts and researching on a number of popular websites. While these hold good on most occasions, especially on short journeys, the same might fall short under certain circumstances. Most long journeys are accompanied with a whopping travel cost, which prevent travellers from going on tours and vacations often. However, there are some rules governing the rates of tickets, which stay overlooked more often than not. These criteria, though small, have a significant contribution in affecting ticket pricing and are good enough to keep into account while booking tickets.

Location of Starting and Ending Points

The first thing to keep in mind in this respect are the locations of airports from where the journey is being taken as well as the destination. Setting up of an airport is a humongous task and requires huge monetary requirements as well as space. The cost of establishment of an airport becomes all the more magnanimous if it is located in a country where the cost of living is more. Such destinations are bound to charge more to airlines for allowing their flights to land or take-off. For this matter, it is wise to avoid such destinations as these may prevent passengers from getting the lowest airfare. In case, the circumstances make it mandatory to go to such places, it is recommended to consider other factors to avail low prices.

Hovering over Airports

Hovering is a term associated with the fact of patrolling over an airport due to unavailability of landing space on their tarmacs. This mainly occurs at those airports, which have a busy itinerary with a large number of flights taking off and landing from their runways. If there is a slight delay in the schedule of any aircraft, it leads to a pile up of the entire schedule of the airport for the day. This may lead to situations where subsequent flights have to hover for a longer time in the air leading to burning of more fuel. Most airlines keep this fact in consideration and keep a surcharge on its ticket prices. To avoid such uncontrollable factors, it is always suggested to travel to those destinations, which have a lesser air-traffic.

Airlines having a Fleet comprising Aircraft of Different Types

Most global airlines around the world keep a different model of aircraft on different routes of their journey. This is generally decided according to the time and distance of the journey. The type of aircraft on a particular journey is decided on the basis of maintaining an ideal load-factor. Simultaneously, the maintenance charges of a fleet comprising different models is higher than those having a single make. Consequently, the cost of training the crew, pilots and staff also incur a higher value. These factors together contribute to the sky rocketing values of tickets. To avoid this, it is wise to avail services of those airlines, which have a single-type aircraft fleet. Hence, it is advisable to consider these overlooked factors as well while booking flight tickets.

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Some Overlooked Techniques for Getting Lowest Airfare

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Some Overlooked Techniques for Getting Lowest Airfare

This article was published on 2013/12/04